Because they wanted to know it all ...

... and build it right the first time


  • INVIDI, the world's largest provisioner of targeted television advertising at over 9 billion ads monthly, 2017 winner of a Technical Emmy, rewrites successful satellite and cable software Advatar for all devices including satellite, set top, mobile, and desktop
  • Synthetics to recreate the viewing behaviour of millions of viewers, including many system edge virtualizations and mocks, with perfect realism, in order to create the punishing environment of live TV at massive scale inside development


  • Create the realistic activity of millions of unique TV viewers
  • Provide scriptable controls to create any scenario from daily usage to special events
  • Prove development readiness from initial architecture to final end-to-end system performance
  • Instrument and send all timings and system metrics and logs to dashboards
  • Supply formal system performance, capacity, and sizing assessments to stakeholders


  • Rearchitected, tuned and optimized for performance, proving every innovation with decisive data from Synthetics
  • Replicated entire Synthetic-driven environments to multiply the benefits
    • maintaining a baseline system for comparative data
    • enhancing experimental access for multiple remote teams
    • proving readiness on broadcaster production systems
    • training support departments on live systems
  • Smooth, live rollout to initial audience of 1.2 million European viewers without spending on a test or QA team
  • Unparalleled insight into their system under development and in production for year one
  • Complete confidence through realism going forward to trial every code, configuration, delivery change at scale before going live
  • Unified remote development teams
For INVIDI Canada, certainty about real-world performance is a requirement.  Tackling the challenging European TV market, facing revenue partner timelines, and involving remote development teams, INVIDI wanted to ensure their all new "All Glass" product was built right the first time.  Dan Wilson, SVP Software Development INVIDI Canada, invited RUN-WithIT to create a realistic "proving ground" for the project team to gain insight into the system's field performance, sizing and requirements from initial architecture through to product delivery.