Because they need to get ahead ...

... of 1000% growth


  • Drivewyze, America's largest in-truck roadside weigh-station bypass system, takes on new fleets as customers, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, with uncompromising service level requirements
  • Achieve confidence with the realism of Synthetics that drive hundreds of thousands of synthetic trucks, equipped with Drivewyze software on real devices and in custom "soft device" emulation, along the  highways of America
  • Reach a minimum 3-month capacity buffer on 1000% growth


  • Create realistic activity at real weigh stations using real and “soft” in-vehicle and mobile devices at scale including GPS truck position, Google Earth travel paths, VMC screen controls, scripted truck speed and behaviour
  • Digital twin their production system to run and script any scenario of “in the wild” activity in the RUN-WithIT Reactor™ at scale, continuously
  • Tap live production data to shape activity and set load levels as multiples in real time
  • Instrument and send all timings and system metrics to dashboards


  • Break fix, hypothesize, experiment and repeat until they knew they had it right:  
  • Rearchitected client, device, server and even micro services approach
  • Reduced test and QA by 96%
  • Solutioned numerous performance bottlenecks
  • 1000% growth with no service interruptions, no capacity limitations
  • Maintained capacity and performance at 3-6 months ahead of production
  • Repeatable go-forward to qualify future releases before deployment
"Everyone building a client-server application should be testing in this way, to understand the limitations of their system and to force the test-fail-fix cycle well before paying customer experience that pain."  ––Wayne Malkin, Drivewyze CTO