Because doing BIG things right ...

... can be done by the small and creative


  • Lumiere-Award winner Andrew Scholotiuk and FAVA roll out a nation-wide portal for managing media co-ops and non-profits

  • RUN-WithIT creates non-stop team of administrator, volunteer, and member Synthetics to trial, track, and report against scheduled builds, 24/7 in a staging environment


  • Created the realistic activity of the members and administrators of an arts organization to run hourly

  • Synthetics are seeded with goals and use their ability to dynamically and intelligently interpret and navigate to discover and explore their own unique combinations of ways to reach goals

  • Synthetics traverse the most common user activities at risk when code changes - login/out, book equipment, pay invoices, log volunteer hours, register in programs, create programs, generate reports, add members, refund payments, email invoices, accept volunteer hours, etc.

  • Synthetics alert, characterize, create logs, and send movies of failures

  • Vary Synthetic numbers and activity to reflect different co-op sizes, behaviours, and concurrency in order to characterize the affects of scale

  • Instrument and send all timings and activity metrics to a live dashboard



  • Observe and solution the user experience while running at future scale

  • Trial scale activity and optimize Heroku throughput

  • Eliminate error rates associated with concurrent activity

  • Commit to and budget for future growth with confidence

  • Deliver stable, transformational technology to non-profits

  • Rest easy knowing that an intelligent team of self-driving bots try every main area of user activity every hour, scrutinizing and reporting from every angle