Because taking their one shot was at massive scale ...

... in under 50 ms


  • SAM, a social media aggregator for gets a shot to embed in the world's largest-scale media portals, including Financial Times and others -- if they can prove they can handle the volume of breaking news with sub 50 ms response times
  • Craft Synthetics to hit SAM with the activity of browser-based users accessing peak breaking news cycles


  • Create the realistic browser fetch activity of millions of web media consumers
  • script any scenario of “in the wild” activity in the RUN-WithIT Reactor™
  • Instrument and send all timings and system metrics to their dashboard



  • Hypothesize, break fix, experiment and repeat until they knew they had it right:  
    • rearchitecting content delivery services
    • reducing I/O wait times
    • solutioning performance bottlenecks
    • optimizing server costs and scalability
  • Reached goal of under 50 ms for their first client - the Financial Times
  • Under 50 ms every time thereafter - adding AP, Reuters, AFP, The Wall Street Journal, The Toronto Star, The New York Times…
"When your customers are the largest brands in the world, they demand high performance and reliability, which is exactly what the experts at RUN-WithIT helped us achieve and surpass."  ––James Neufeld, SAM Founder and CEO