Because getting it right matters ...

... when your customers are litigators


  • Startup legal portal dealCloser makes software to handle the flow of documents, revisions and signatures around large corporate deals
  • Teams of synthetics as lawyers create documents that surround large deals, so that the team can solution issues prior to market, and on short turn-around


  • Create the realistic activity of a teams of lawyers closing deals 
  • Login/out, add and interact with legal documents using smart, reactive synthetic lawyers
  • Script scenarios consisting of different team sizes, behaviours, concurrency, deal sizes, document types, and time outs
  • instrument and send all performance metrics to a dashboard



  • Refined document conversion integration
  • Tuned the user experience at scale
  • Eliminated error rates associated with deal size and system throughput
  • Confidently deployed to MVP law firms
  • Saved weeks of effort through access to realistic performance data
  • Increased release velocity and stability
"Law firms expect the highest performance and reliability when it comes to the tools they use.  RUN-WithIT allowed my legal technology company to simulate real world usage of our application, dealcloser, giving me the confidence I need to provide dealcloser to law firms...We plan to continue to test dealcloser's performance as it grows in both size and number of features, ensuring that we always have peace of mind our clients are having the best possible dealcloser experience." ––Amir Reshef, dealcloser CEO