Using intelligent synthetics to add development velocity and de-risk complex IT and IoT systems.

Our Why:  Software development is fundamentally flawed.

No one truly knows what is going to happen to their systems until their customers show up.  Not knowing, means even some of the best development teams in the world, miss.  If it isn’t perfect, it gets expensive.  If it's in front of the customer, it's too late.  If you are the one accountable for delivering, you have to manage it all.

Until now, the only option has been more – more people, processes, cycles, tools, tests, time, and money – without significantly shifting the dials of quality or velocity.   No one likes to manage more, no one likes to fail in the field, and no one likes to lose doing both.  

But you can’t win with the same thinking.  The thinking has to change.




45% budget on test/qa   •   55% time spent on rework  •  100% chance of firefighting




The customers need to show up when it matters most, during development.  They are the missing piece.   Their activity, in all of its sophisticated variations and amounts, exposes aspects of system behaviour that cannot be accurately predicted, easily characterized, or entirely solutioned by any of the existing dev, test or QA practices.





At RUN-WithIT, we invented the process, created the AI-driven synthetics, and built the API platform to bring everything you need to see, when you need to see it – exponential synthetic activity and big data in the middle of development.  

Ridiculous realism

Without it, you will never be certain.  We go to extremes to discover and replicate your end-to-end system's reality - creating AI-driven Synthetic users, mocks and virtualizations, by incorporating domain knowledge expertise, analyzing historical data,  even mirroring live production activity.  We are good at it so you don't have to be.


exponential scale

A must.  Our technology adds as many Synthetics as you need to create futures of all sizes – dial up hundreds to tens of millions.


limitless data

No more guesswork.  Your decisions are supported by the metrics and data of millions of hours of actual, realistic system experience.  We instrument everything and supply rich visualizations giving everyone unprecedented insight into readiness.


Better than the real thing

Imagine the opportunity to get ahead when you can know it all.   With a few keystrokes your synthetics could:

  • drive hundreds of thousands of instances of your invehicle code through weigh stations across the US and ensure drivers and law enforcement are receiving timely accurate information, before you onboard the next trucking fleet, 

  • go through the daily cycles of household light switching while pushing firmware updates to a whole neighbourhood equipped with wireless home automation systems and, at the same time, get them to show you the effects of network reliability on battery usage, before the houses are built, 

  • or watch and validate the flawless delivery of addressable advertising to tens of millions of TV viewers across multiple networks, before you decide a new code configuration is ready to deploy in a customer’s satellite facility

Our Who:  IoT, IIoT, smart home automation, Embedded, Web/Mobile, invehicle, TV satellite/Set top,...– reasons and results

Our When:  24/7 over 1 billion hours a day

It is catching on...

 The 378.8 billion hours our synthetics put in during 2017 is the equivalent of asking every man, women and child on the earth to coordinate their activity and use of our clients systems for 49.8 hours.   In 2018, we are on track to reach over 4 trillion synthetic hours.   

Imagine what you could find out with that much help...


2018 Qualified Nominee

RUN-WithIT is honoured to be considered for the nation's most prestigious Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards.