Prove your IT/IoT works with ridiculously real activity at scale, continuously.

Looking for ways
to be certain?

When scale happens and performance matters,
we help your team ensure your end-to-end web, device, or server based applications,
will continue to provide excellent user experiences,
with simulation tools and expertise.

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Certainty is priceless

Knowing exactly what is going to happen

Gives you the opportunity to test-fail-fix and make IT better

Because you know your customers and your reputation are worth it.

We do this by using our framework to wrap and run your own client/device code against your stack.
With real activity at scale, running continuously in a performance simulation,
you can innovate with insight and without risk.

Our clients know with certainty their systems will perform

The Drivewyze Performance Pursuit

Drivewyze needed to know they were ready for more than 1000% growth.

"Everyone building a client-server application should be testing in this way, to understand the limitations of their system and to force the test-fail-fix cycle well before paying customers experience that pain."
Wayne Malkin, Drivewyze CTO

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The SAM “Go Big” Startup Success

SAM needed to know they were ready for the largest news agencies in the world.

"When your customers are the largest news brands in the world, they demand high performance and reliability, which is exactly what the experts at RUN-WithIT helped us achieve and surpass."
James Neufeld, SAM Founder and CEO

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bringing the wild inside

We create a custom continuous simulation of your future field conditions complete with real data and millions of metrics so you can have IT all figured out before release.

Develop With the Future In Plain Sight

Enjoy focus, clarity, and mastery in a development environment of complete and continuous feedback. It is simple, want to know if IT works, try all of IT, any time. Your customers will love you.

Change It Up and Watch What Happens

Explore your what if's using real load, real data, and seeing what happens from the actual user's experience on any device. No more guessing. Predict and plan. Your business will love you.

Our Speciality

We will design and develop your simulation.

Your budget, your priorities.


  • Emulations
  • Extreme Automations
  • Load Test Events
  • Performance Workshops
We can get to know each other during a well-defined first assignment. Our framework enables us to quickly provide invaluable bits with our bots. Seeing is believing.

Get Set

  • Continuous Simulations
  • Dynamic Instruments
  • Meaningful Metrics
  • Production Monitoring
Your solution didn't come from a box and neither does ours. We enjoy creating exactly what you want. Everyone's IT future is completely different. Wait until you see yours.

Keep Going

  • Knowledge
  • Engagement
  • Alignment
  • Success
Everyone needs help sometime. We bring our codebase and our expertise to start, set you up so you can keep going without us, and stay only as long as you want. Your success is ours.

Don’t Take Our Word For IT

"As a startup, speed and delivery are always at the top of your mind. It’s so easy to overlook the importance of scalability and reliability. Even if you think you can hit scale, basic out of the box testing rarely simulates real-world scenarios. RUN-WithIT helped us massively with their Performance Testing and Solutioning to get SAM ready for the real world. In the end, we got the scalability we aimed for and ended up saving server costs to deliver the service."
— James A. Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM- Social Asset Management (the world's most trusted social media content management system for global news agencies)

"Testing of our systems for performance, load limits, and longevity was on the roadmap, but we had not made any real progress until we met RUN-WithIT. We quickly arrived at a shared vision of where we wanted to go.
Our own journey has been very successful. In the last year our system load has increased more than 10-fold...We have experienced no interruptions to our production services due to capacity or concurrency limitations, although our load is now more than 5 times the capacity limit of our system from a year ago."
— Wayne Malkin, CTO, Drivewyze (America's largest weigh station bypass service)

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Technology

Have you ever simulated a product like ours?

This is part of the fun. While we have simulated products including a variety of government and e-commerce web sites, medical devices, in-vehicle systems, social media, Sharepoint, and tv set top software, to name a few, we likely haven't simulated a product exactly like yours. We look forward to doing what has never been done before. Our framework enables us to develop and what you need. And, while we create technology to specifically accomplish your project, you get to share in every addition that we have made before.

What will you require?

We try to stay out of your way, but we do need some answers and access to a few of your resources.
We will need time with your team to find out how your IT works from the inside and out. We work together to prepare data and an environment. Some prefer to source and supply capacity and hardware, some prefer us to bring it, set up and get going. We prefer whatever works best.
We also ask a lot of questions about the future you are working towards. In the answers, we often discover a clarity to focus project priorities and meaningful metrics. Your IT needs to handle your success.

How do you license your technology?

Freely. Well almost. We charge $1 for it to be used for the purposes of the simulation project that we are involved in creating with you. As many machines as you want, as many people as you have, as many metrics as you can imagine.
It is not about an asset or a pay per use purchase, it is about an experience -- where you start, what you learn, how far you go -- and we want it to be priceless.

What makes your technology so special?

For 15 years we have developed with a sense of purpose - make it capable of anything for everyone. Make it completely portable, make it fit into any tech environment, and make it so you can run with it.
Whether you need it to run on a wristwatch or a supercomputer, whatever your team uses for a development environment from classic C to nodejs, and no matter how you deliver from embedded devices to servicing on cloud infrastructure, it just doesn't matter to us. In love with a certain presentation of metrics, like New Relic® or Grafana? We will send your results there. Our framework can handle IT, all of IT.
Best of all, we will even show your team how it is done so they can do it themselves, customize, and maintain it. We want to watch where our IT takes you.

Don't hesitate to simulate

Making IT better starts with a conversation

We would love to share how we might help your team get ahead.
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